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Film Sense

Jul 11, 2019

When a filmmaker enjoys a certain amount of success, it most likely means they have some fans that have rallied around their work.  In this new age of branding, however, a true fan has become a much bigger part of the filmmaking process. 

Filmmakers CHRIS MANCINI and GARY DEOCAMPO join us in a discussion about the role of fans in our lives and work.

Fans are more than just our audience.  They can also finance a project via crowdfunding or promote a movie thanks to word of mouth on social networks.  The dark side of fandom is that those same supporters can also be a destructive force.

Listen to some of our experiences with fans and ways to build a beautiful friendship.


Comedy Film Nerds - Stand-up comedians, authors and filmmakers Chris Mancini and Graham Elwood are the Comedy Film Nerds. Their weekly podcast is devoted to the newest movie releases, classic film, major features, independent film and all things movie-related!

Del Toro Films - The official site of filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro.  Moderated and edited by Gary Deocampo.

Long Ago and Far Away - A graphic novel series by Chris Mancini.

GRUMMY - A film by Micheline Pitt & R.H. Norman.  Produced by Gary Deocampo and creature designer Kevin Yagher.