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Film Sense

Feb 28, 2019

Producer / Writer Mallory O'Meara

And we're back with a very special interview!  Mallory O'Meara is a  film producer, author, podcaster and all around fascinating friend.  

Her new book The Lady From The Black Lagoon tells the unknown tale of Millicent Patrick, the woman responsible for designing the most iconic creature in cinema history

The subheading on Mallory's book speaks of "Hollywood monsters" and she's not just talking about the foam latex kind.  In this episode we discuss Mallory's experience in the film biz where many scary things exist.  Fear not, though.  Mallory shines a light on it all from women in film to social media.


Mallory O'Meara on Twitter

Order "The Lady From The Black Lagoon"

Watch "Yamasong" - Mallory's latest film

Listen to "Reading Glasses" - Mallory's podcast with Brea Grant