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Film Sense


Nov 16, 2018

Film Sense is a podcast documentary series about filmmaking in uncertain times.

Film Sense

For many filmmakers, the 21st century marked the end of cinema as we knew it.  Gone were the methods behind the madness of Hollywood. New technologies created uncertainty as well as promise.  Traditional sources of financing and distribution had dried up, especially for independent filmmakers and the “middle class” of Hollywood. 

Film Sense will explore the changing terrain of filmmaking as art and as a business.  Through discussions with other amateur professionals, we will share our experiences and hopefully make “sense” of what the future holds.

Film Sense isn’t just for the independent filmmaker trying to find their path.  It’s also for the many amateurs who are picking up their iPhones and making new IP as well as movie lovers who want to peek behind the magic.

Episodes start November 30, 2018