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Film Sense

Jul 29, 2020

From Frankie to Chucky... Paige and Frank geek out about horror movie boogeymen, monsters, and spooks.

Jul 24, 2020

Film Sense is back with filmmaker Andrew Kasch (Legends of Tomorrow, Tales of Halloween)!!  Gather round as we share tales of filmmaking in the Age of COVID, anthologies, and the healing power of creation.


QUARAN TINIES by Andrew Kasch

VARIETY: Horror Anthology Film ‘Isolation’ Finishes Filming Entirely in...

Jul 13, 2020

In which two generations of geeks talk about things they enjoy. Hosted by Paige Barr and Frank H. Woodward

Today's Topic: Disney Parks
What changes do we enjoy in Disneyland and Walt Disney World? What attractions do we miss?

Opening Music by J. Phillip Wilkins

Dec 18, 2019

Director Chelsea Stardust shares her memories of 2019 including what she learned from having two feature films released in the same year, All That We Destroy and Satanic Panic.

Plus... Chelsea and I look back at some other gifts of the year.




SATANIC PANIC on Amazon Prime


Nov 25, 2019

You've heard his work here as the theme music for FILM SENSE.  Now I sit down to chat about soundtracks and more with composer Jonathan Wilkins.

But wait!  There's more!

To mark my birthday, Jon and I look back on our early days as young filmmakers.  Jon was there with me when we made our first short and now we get to...